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This Ruined Puzzle

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Misinterpreted (poem) [Dec. 22nd, 2004|02:31 am]
This Ruined Puzzle


[Leaning on me till I'm grounded |awakeawake]
[Reflect some evil to your head, until you're dead |SPIKE!!!]

When you take away all the layers
When you send them spiraling down
Do you really not know what I want to hear?
You play the fool accordingly
But do you mean your folly
You're the boy that never understood.

When one word is all I need.
To answer the question that I asked
And all you spout are useless phrases
Do you really mean what you say
Or do you really not know?
You're the boy that never understood

Never one to fight
Always reaching to appease
You didn't quite get the hints
Or the hopeful sighs
you're the boy that never understood

I still hope at times you'll really hear me
That maybe you'll see what I've been showing
Or maybe all along you knew what I said
Maybe you just played the part
Maybe I was the one
Who never really understood

[User Picture]From: freezingflame5
2005-02-09 02:51 pm (UTC)
Love thy poems. ^-^

Very nice. All of them.

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