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This Ruined Puzzle

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Lost Love Found (poem) [Jul. 14th, 2004|12:27 am]
This Ruined Puzzle


[Leaning on me till I'm grounded |nostalgicreflective]

Broken memories mend themselves
As the past comes into view

Suddenly the present seems remembered
A twisted deja-vu

Thoughts better left unsaid
Are spoken without haste

Words caress a tender heart
That once was laid to waste

Old sparks in familiar eyes
Strike anew and flame

A soul softly sings
Releasing doubt and blame

Fears abate
With the touch of a hand

The crippled hearts
Now strongly stand

A hope not dare dreamed
Suddenly seems so clear

The deaf ear of fate
Suddenly seems to hear

The cry of true love
That rings through these hearts

The past echo of tears
Whenever they part

A soul rings true
When it's mate is found

No obstacle can brake them
Once they have been bound

Life may part them
Time may cut their hearts deep

But once they have seen eachother
The connection will keep

So lost lover don't fear
My soul sings to yours still

For to you belongs my being
To you it always will