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This Ruined Puzzle

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Misinterpreted (poem) [Dec. 22nd, 2004|02:31 am]
This Ruined Puzzle

[Leaning on me till I'm grounded |awakeawake]
[Reflect some evil to your head, until you're dead |SPIKE!!!]

When you take away all the layers
When you send them spiraling down
Do you really not know what I want to hear?
You play the fool accordingly
But do you mean your folly
You're the boy that never understood.

When one word is all I need.
To answer the question that I asked
And all you spout are useless phrases
Do you really mean what you say
Or do you really not know?
You're the boy that never understood

Never one to fight
Always reaching to appease
You didn't quite get the hints
Or the hopeful sighs
you're the boy that never understood

I still hope at times you'll really hear me
That maybe you'll see what I've been showing
Or maybe all along you knew what I said
Maybe you just played the part
Maybe I was the one
Who never really understood
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Crying for Sabbatical [Dec. 20th, 2004|02:55 am]
This Ruined Puzzle

[Leaning on me till I'm grounded |tiredtired]
[Reflect some evil to your head, until you're dead |The Used]

I think I'd like to leave this place
To find somewhere new
I think I'd like to find somewhere
To be alone with you
And yet here I am
In this same old place
Where I've been to long
Wanting for a life with you
The place where I belong
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Once Upon Tomorrow's End (poem) [Sep. 6th, 2004|12:15 pm]
This Ruined Puzzle

[Leaning on me till I'm grounded |blankblank]
[Reflect some evil to your head, until you're dead |Nickleback]

Realization hits
A shocking reminder of the reality we have all chosen.
A collective gasp of shock in the face of humanity.
Now there is no room for pessimism
A cynical brainstorm will do no good here.
No, only hope can pull us through.
A better tomorrow though is not an option.
We've seen to that.
It will be just the same as now
Just as the day after that
And after that
How many shattered tomorrows will we have to endure before everything is whole again?
How many crushed dreams?
How many lives will have to be broken before this blood lust ends?
Until the boys come home as men...
Until the men come home as boys...
When will this end?
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Stiffle Me (poem) [Aug. 2nd, 2004|10:53 pm]
This Ruined Puzzle

Bind me
Beat me
Make me bleed
You do it all so easily
Belittle my words
Mock my mind
You do it so well
Time after time
Chain me up
Lock the door
Your hidden shame
Your dirty whore
Laugh with your friends
Smile at my pain
Feeding off the pleasure
From this sadistic game
Look in the door
As I hide under my cover
You say “Sleep well dear”
I whisper a “Goodnight Mother”
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Question Authority [Aug. 2nd, 2004|10:52 pm]
This Ruined Puzzle

Are you having fun?
Bringing me down like you do?
Finding minute discrepancies and exploiting them until I am quivering in a corned; then kicking me when I’m down.
Knowing after the surprise onslaught that I am too weak to walk away, to tired to fend you off…
Do you enjoy the upper hand you get from fighting dirty and unfair?
Don’t you know all of these things add up?
Once I can go, do you really think that I will come back?
Do you honestly believe I can forgive so casually?
Would it matter?
Once I am free to be who I am, so you think I’ll come back to hear you mock and belittle me?
So you can call me a whore, the one mark on your “oh-so clean” slate?
Do you really think you know who I am?
How can you when every time I do something for me, to show what I like or who I am you punish me?
Please, explain your logic, I don’t understand.
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Never, Ever, Always... [Jul. 16th, 2004|04:02 pm]
This Ruined Puzzle

Never had a love been felt
Never had a heart beat true
Never had I hoped before
Never until you

Ever will I sing your praise
Ever will I care
Ever will you stay with me?
Ever will you dare?

Always in my heart you stay
Always here you can roam
Always here you have a place
Always here you have a home
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Lost Love Found (poem) [Jul. 14th, 2004|12:27 am]
This Ruined Puzzle

[Leaning on me till I'm grounded |nostalgicreflective]

Broken memories mend themselves
As the past comes into view

Suddenly the present seems remembered
A twisted deja-vu

Thoughts better left unsaid
Are spoken without haste

Words caress a tender heart
That once was laid to waste

Old sparks in familiar eyes
Strike anew and flame

A soul softly sings
Releasing doubt and blame

Fears abate
With the touch of a hand

The crippled hearts
Now strongly stand

A hope not dare dreamed
Suddenly seems so clear

The deaf ear of fate
Suddenly seems to hear

The cry of true love
That rings through these hearts

The past echo of tears
Whenever they part

A soul rings true
When it's mate is found

No obstacle can brake them
Once they have been bound

Life may part them
Time may cut their hearts deep

But once they have seen eachother
The connection will keep

So lost lover don't fear
My soul sings to yours still

For to you belongs my being
To you it always will
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Fallen Existance (poem) [May. 17th, 2004|10:24 am]
This Ruined Puzzle

[Leaning on me till I'm grounded |highout of it]
[Reflect some evil to your head, until you're dead |I have my own lyrics stuck in my head weee!]

My heart is broken
Yet refuses to die
Stung by tears
That never will dry

Bloodied and scarred
The beats come slower
Weakend and weary
The light fades lower

Pained by a past
I wish I could forget
Memories of love stolen and lost
A life lived in regret

Locked far away
In the dark abyss of my heart
Wandering aimlessly
My concious mind and reality are so far apart

These tears keep falling
Never seeming to desist
I never thought it wouuld be so hard
To simply just exist
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Me in Truth (poem) [May. 5th, 2004|07:07 pm]
This Ruined Puzzle

[Leaning on me till I'm grounded |artisticartistic]

This is my life as it stands
Nothing special
Nothing grand
Just trying to get by
Trying to live
Trying to learn
When to give
Wanting answers
But getting none
Trying to put myself together
While I'm slowly coming undone
It's not easy
Actually, it's rather hard
Not knowing when to trust
When it's safe to let down my guard
These walls are thick
And they carry me through
Protecting what makes me tick
From what I deem is untrue
If you want to know who I am
I may just let you see
But you have to actually give a damn
To get to know the real me
So pick your words carefully
And makes sure your actions are just
Because it's hard to find someone
To fully trust
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Lie In Tears (poem) [Mar. 8th, 2004|11:08 am]
This Ruined Puzzle

[Leaning on me till I'm grounded |amusedamused]
[Reflect some evil to your head, until you're dead |The Juliana Theory]

What does it matter
If I die
It was all just a lie
To begin with anyway
You sucked my soul dry
Left me to cry
In the blood that you spilled on my grave
Woke me from my peace
When will this cease
The pain you cause me each day
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